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Chronic Pain.

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You deserve better chronic pain care

It's our mission to deliver it to you.

How it all

Our co-founder, Charles, had a spinal surgery in 2013 that didn't quite go to plan. It left him with severe nerve damage and he was unable to use his right foot. This started a six year period when Charles had a further 5 spinal surgeries, lived in daily agony and was isolated and detached from everything he loved.

In Summer 2019, having felt thoroughly let down by the healthcare system, he started learning about the science of pain, and how he could apply this science to his own situation. Slowly but surely, he was able to take himself from a life of constant, excruciating pain, lying in bed with little contact with the outside world, to starting a business and doing activities he thought he would never be able to do again.

That is Charles' story, but he is not the only one. Members of our team have similar success stories, and every day we hear of more and more people resolving their own chronic pain issues through the application of Pain Science.

While these stories fill us with light, this new understanding of how to treat chronic pain is not reaching enough people, and this is why we started PAIND.

To get the right type of care to the people that need it most.

Chronic pain is not something we have to accept. It can be reduced, and it can be resolved!

We cant wait to go on this journey with you.

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Meet our leadership team

We're working together to deliver on our mission - a new type of treatment for chronic pain.

  • Charles Balcombe

    Charles Balcombe

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Greg Hamilton

    Greg Hamilton

    Co-Founder & CTO

Our advisory board

We're a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.

  • Heather Cook

    Heather Cook

    Special advisory role and former Managing Director @ Big Health UK, NHS Innovation Accelorator Fellow.

  • Dr Deepak Ravindran

    Dr Deepak Ravindran

    Lead Pain Medicine, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust & Author of bestselling book, The Pain Free Mindset.

  • Dr Glyn Towlerton

    Dr Glyn Towlerton

    NHS Consultant in Spinal & Pain Medicine, The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, The Fortus Clinic.

  • Prof. Cormac Ryan

    Prof. Cormac Ryan

    Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation, Teesside University.

  • Dr Lucy Ward

    Dr Lucy Ward

    NHS Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthetics, The Royal Free Hospital.

  • Dr Sula Windgassen

    Dr Sula Windgassen

    PhD. MSc. Leading Health Psychologist, EMDR & CBT Therapist. Researcher King's College London. Mindfulness practitioner & MBCT teacher.

  • Dr Rebecca Hunter

    Dr Rebecca Hunter

    Chronic pain specialist physiotherapist with a PhD in mHealth technology for self-managing chronic low back pain. Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Exeter.

  • Dr Joseph Parsons

    Dr Joseph Parsons

    PhD. Pain science research. Living with chronic pain

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What people are saying

We're working with some amazing people

“PAIND addresses a real service gap for people living with chronic pain like myself. Care pathways are hard to navigate and often get poor treatment. PAIND addresses that by providing me with expert content, coaching, community and supports me in my daily self-management. It is the future.”

Author image
Charlie Evans
Chronic hand, arm & shoulder pain

“I think PAIND can offer an instant lifeline to those who might have to wait literally years for their first visit to a pain clinic.”

Author image
Lucy Hastings
Chronic pain

“Often, people with chronic pain find it difficult to get appropriate care, tools and support. PAIND closes all of those gaps. It's what we've been missing for way too long!”

Author image
Keisha Barnett
Chronic pelvic pain

“As a chronic pain sufferer since 1978, I am delighted that PAIND are developing into a trusted source for pain education content. The long-needed use of one to one lived-experience coaches to help fellow sufferers will help so many people struggling with the physical and mental trauma of a live of chronic pain. By also developing a social prescribing platform, building on our own Scottish Government funded scheme, PAIND will allow many sufferers to take control of their lives by breaking their isolation and learning to interact with society again. I look forward to working with PAIND throughout the UK to make the lives of a fifth of the population more bearable.”

Author image
Chris Bridgeford
Chair, Affa Sair
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